A Freeway in Hell

My thoughts on the nature of our late capitalist society. The title should give some clue what I think of that! US 101 or I-80 as metaphor for our imperatives. Besides worrying about what sort of black hole we are speeding into, I like airships. One reason being the almost inescapble desire to have one to get out of a traffic jam!

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Grew up a military brat, Californian-in-exile, reactionary libertarian-essentially spent the 70s on Mars, for I am hearing impaired and I did not know what the music was saying. Generally still don't unless I listen to it over and over or find the words captioned on a movie or somewhere on line. Came "back" to California to begin my adult life, have not lived elsewhere since. No regrets there despite our problems here. Have studied physics, more math than most human beings will ever need, worked on spaceship projects (well, one) at JPL. Lived with a wonderful disabled person who lives no more--L Natasha Littletree RIP October 2004. I have a life plan, just kind of vague on some of the short-term stuff.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

"Do You Want to Play a Game..."

Written on rest room wall, Left Blogtopia (YSCTW!)
"For a good time, call BlogWarBot."

For explanations and history, go here.

Transcript, DOJ archives (TOP SECRET):

BlogWarBot: My name is BlogWarBot. Who sent you here?
Guest: John Dziadecki's Airship site.
BlogWarBot: Let me guess. You're a Libertarian, right?
Guest: No, I'm a Menshevik. Registered Democratic, of course.
BlogWarBot: Do you expect a cookie just because you're a Menshevik. Registered Democratic, of course?
Guest: No, I expect to be beaten with a knout, sent to Siberia, then exiled to Manhattan.
BlogWarBot: That's the problem with people like you. You're never constructive about anything.
Guest: I'll probably be pressed into canal construction or the like during my stint in Siberia, then get into factionalistic journalism, perhaps become Minister of Fabrics briefly before being executed by the Bolsheviks.
BlogWarBot: So if I might get us back on track here, what in your opinion is the crucial issue facing us today?
Guest: The lack of populist power in our political system.
BlogWarBot: So what does all of this have to do with the current mass extinction?
Guest: Well, I'd say the casual links are pretty clear running both ways, wouldn't you?
BlogWarBot: You're projecting. And in denial. And ugly.
Guest: But I'm told by at least one woman that I do have a nice penis, so let's keep things in perspective, shall we?
BlogWarBot: Do you recognize the privilege involved in your calling yourself told by at least one woman that you do have a nice penis, so let's keep things in perspective, shall we?
Guest: Yeah, it's the privilege called freedom of speech, plus the privilege of having a nice penis and at least one girlfriend willing to say so. I do feel very fortunate.
BlogWarBot: And I suppose your pet issue is so much more important than ending the war.
Guest: Well no, but I can do a lot more about my "pet issue" than ending the war. I do speak out against the warpretty regularly.
BlogWarBot: That's the problem with people like you. You're never constructive about anything.
Guest: May I ask you what your idea of "constructive" is?
BlogWarBot: What, Malkin didn't cover this on Hot Air?
Guest: Ah, I'm beginning to get a picture then.
BlogWarBot: Why should feminists drop everything just because you're beginning to get a picture then?
Guest: Sometimes that is the very best moment to end a particular encounter. Ah, parting is such sweet sorrow. Bye!
BlogWarBot: About your family. Did your parents have any children that lived?


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